There is a phenomenon that becomes more apparent to me every day as I meet new people and visit new places. The more small differences I notice between folks, the more general similarities knit us all together. We talk, eat, work, and enjoy life in different ways. But many of our goals, ideals, passions, and hopes are the same. Seems to me that there is a comforting brotherhood in our shared sensibilities, while our unique traditions keep things exciting. Perhaps this is an oversimplified view of the world, but in my book it is a good place to start.

Spring has begun in an entirely unexpected way here in Sweden. There is that special something in the air that I can never quite put into words, the absolute certainty that we are moving into a new season. But never before have I listened to the birds singing their spring songs with snow still carpeting the ground, or while I jumped into the hole in the frozen lake during the sauna. Once again I find my certainties of the world shaken, and my viewpoint shifting to accommodate a new possibility. Maybe not a life-changing shift, but a life-enhancing one certainly.

Back in the forge we are moving full speed ahead. With both a full load of projects now, and a growing list of future possibilities, there is not much chance that things will become dull around here. For me forging is so much about the path to get to a certain goal, the process. So in the pictures to come there is a glimpse into this aspect of our work here.


Components laid out for a pair of hanging candleholders.


And one of them finished. Making this hang straight was a brain twister for sure.


Fredrik and I worked together on this one. It was nice to have him do most of the thinking!


The importance of symmetry.


Legs made for two stools.


…and finished. These are for a farmer, who should feel right at home sitting on these seats.


Finding the right shape for tomahawks. Many more of these to come…


Two knives Fredrik made. Once again using the process to dictate the final shape.

I have been able to continue enriching my life with other experiences too. The sauna, long walks with the dog, playing some fiddle here and there. Last week I visited a particularly inspiring farm, where they raise heritage pigs and cows for meat. And there were piglets!


About one month old.


A brave little one just a couple days old!

And to top it all off, Leia (the family bloodhound) was joined by her brother for the past couple of weeks. After all the playing together, sometimes a dog has to sleep.



5 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Samuel J. Ritter,
    As always, it is warming to get your perspective into life and the world. Thanks for the blog and I will arm wrestle your mom for the candle holder!


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