Det finns snö!

The snow has arrived! Mocking my high expectations of brutal Swedish winters, it has been a record-setting mild season. But with the coming of January we got some snow, and, as I write, temperatures of -15ºC (+5ºF). I couldn’t help but take some photos, and could be spending all my time marvelling at the transformation of the world.



Work still goes on, however, albeit at a relaxed pace. At the encouragement of my brother Neal (he’s a constant source of ideas) I tried forging a tjäckelyxa, or gutter adze. This tool is used to carve out bowls, canoes, and I imagine, as the name implies, making gutters. It was certainly a learning experience, with more gained for next time than in a finished product. It was a great exercise in moving material, and loads of fun.



A straight edged adze (skarvyxa) is also a useful tool. Since I first forged this one straight, then curved it, the process included both versions.



There are as many shapes and sizes as fit the job to be done. This is a small version, yet with a fairly wide radius curve.

I couldn’t have wished for a better start to a year, and I trust that everyone reading this has stepped into a new chapter with excitement and inspiration.



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