Something to Hold On To

The darkest day of the year is almost here. Although still no snow in my neck of the woods, there is a thick frost over everything that gives a white sheen to the world. The lake has a thin layer of ice, and I experienced my first ice sauna – that is to say a hot sauna, then a jump in a hole in the ice at the end of the dock. Although the sun is not up for very long, its shallow angle gives us hours of sunrise and sunset each day. More often than not, the light is a red or gold. It is the perfect time for focus and work, for making beautiful things.

This last month and a half, Fredrik and myself have been working on two projects. Although they were for different customers, they were both architectural pieces. Now one is installed, and the other is packed in the trailer ready for delivery.

The railings Fredrik took lead on were for a small exterior stair. He made two mirroring pieces, to go on each side of the stairs.


Paint drying. We use linseed oil and iron oxide paint.


Detail of railing. The one in the background is pre rusted, ready for paint.


The project I was in charge of was a set of French balconies for a house being built in Hudiksvall:


One smaller, simple piece for a second floor door, and a larger, decorated one for the side facing the street.


Installed this morning!


Detail of the bottom. The house is on the historical copper workers’ street, so the customer wanted the copper symbol included.


Detail of the scrollwork in the centre.

It has been a productive time, and it feels great to be finished! There are several other projects coming up, and once they are completed, I will put together another post.

My best wishes are with everyone, whether they are into the cold of winter, or live in a place where only the feeling inside tells you that it is the holidays. As we draw near to the solstice, I trust that each person will keep the light alive for themselves and those around.


7 thoughts on “Something to Hold On To

  1. Sam, your work has clearly moved to a new level. I’m am so impressed with the quality and simplicity of the balconies. And to actually see your work mounted and used must be incredible! Can’t wait for the next installation…

    Much love


  2. It’s lovely seeing the depth of the work you are doing for commissioned pieces. I too am curious about the metal symbols. Of course they would be integrated in a project! Sending much light your way…


    • Thanks! This symbol for copper comes from alchemical roots. There are symbols for many of the metals known to the ancients, tied into the astrological symbols for the planets. So, the symbol for copper is also the symbol for venus, which has remained as the symbol for female into our era. I don’t know too much about it, but I did a quick search on Wikipedia and found some answers:


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