My Oh My, How Time Flies

Back near the end of October, I had an idea that I would do my next post when the snow came, with stunning pictures of the wintery north. Usually there is a nice white blanket on the earth around November 14th, give or take. Well, the snow hasn’t come yet, and yes, I am still alive and well over here. So I thought maybe it was time to send something out into the world about my activities over the last month.

There have been many remarkable changes in the air with November. The sun sets around 2:30pm, although because of its extreme angle it takes about an hour for it to get really dark. Daytime is a perpetual sunrise or sunset, with long shadows and blinding rays slicing the air.


This is the view from the back porch. It is looking almost directly south, at midday.

The trees have all lost their leaves, creating a dappled brown and green in the forest as the conifers stand out against the bare branches.


Most mornings there has been thick frost all over the ground, a premonition of the snow to come. The lake is getting ready to freeze, but a stretch of days with temperatures above freezing have slowed the process a bit.

Many things have happened for me. My birthday came and went at the end of October. I took a short trip to Norway, and saw some dramatic architecture, both man made and natural:


Nidarosdomen, in Trondheim, is Europe’s northernmost Gothic cathedral. This is a picture of the rose window and part of the facade.


There were endless nooks and crannies, with some wonderful ironwork. With some perseverance, I sought out the smiths who made this. They are employed by the Norwegian government to restore and refurbish the cathedral, and share their workshop with stonemasons who do the same.


The fjords near Alesund, Norway


It was quite a trek to make it up to the top, but well worth it.

Back on the blacksmithing front, we have been busy with some larger projects. Fredrik is just about finished with a set of railings, while I am working on a pair of french balconies. Currently my project is a pile of steel cut to different lengths — when it looks a little more glamorous I will include some pictures. But I have also had time for some other smaller things here and there.


We needed some fullers for the smithy at Gränsfors, so I took on the project.


This is not the beginning of a Pinweel of Death. Just some axes that I refurbished, found handles for, and one that I made from scratch.

I hope each and every person is enjoying the moments as they pass by. May December be the best month yet this year!