Fire and Ice: Blacksmithing in Sweden

I am about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, a quest for knowledge and adventure. Although I am receding into the backwoods of Sweden, this blog is a way to stay connected and share my experiences with all those who are interested. I cannot guarantee the frequency of my posts, but hopefully this will allow a glimpse into my life over the next several months.

My destination is Gränsfors Bruk, and the forge of Fredrik Thelin. Gränsfors is a renowned maker of quality handmade axes, respected internationally in the bushcraft and primitive skills communities. Fredrik Thelin runs the educational side of the forge, as well as having his own shop and company, Järnsmide å sånt. My goal is to blacksmith as much as possible, learn as many things as I can, and see the country of Sweden through its backdoor. Let the travels begin!


Approximate location of Bergsjö, home of Gränsfors and Fredrik


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